Independent Parking Appeals Service

2nd Appeal Form


Independent Parking Appeals Service (‘IPAS’) is an informal independent appeals service for motorists whose cars have been clamped in Ireland and who have already appealed unsuccessfully to one of the following parking enforcement contractors:

   APCOA Parking
   Euro Car Parks
   Munster Car Parking Services
   Nationwide Controlled Parking Systems

The motorist is informed of the decision to decline their first appeal by letter from the contractor. This letter also advises them that if they are dissatisfied with the decision that they may submit an appeal to IPAS and that the parking enforcement contractor will accept the decision of IPAS as binding on them.

IMPORTANT: Please note:

In submitting an appeal to IPAS, you are consenting to IPAS accessing, viewing and considering the relevant parking enforcement contractors data files/records/images relating to the appealed clamping event.

P.O. Box 11649, Blackrock, Co.Dublin